Guidelines for Using or Blending Essential Oils

Most essential oils are diluted in a carrier oil in a 2 – 5% concentration for direct application (topical or massage). The majority of body care applications fall within the 2-3% range while more therapeutic applications call for higher concentrations in the 4-6% range. Applications for infants, young children, pregnant women, and the elderly should be made at a lower concentration (1%).

Here are some guidelines for different dilutions:    

1% dilution = 5-6 drops of EO per ounce of carrier oil
2% dilution = 10-12 drops of EO per ounce of carrier oil
3% dilution = 15-18 drops of EO per ounce of carrier oil

An ounce of carrier is equal to 30 milliliters (ml) or 2 tablespoons.
A half ounce is equal to 15 milliliters (ml) or 1 tablespoon.
A teaspoon is equal to 5 milliliters (ml).

What these measurements roughly translate into is 2 to 5 drops of essential oil for every 100 drops (or teaspoon) of carrier oil. Another guideline you can follow is a maximum of 1 drop for every milliliter (ml) of carrier oil.

Carrier oils are vegetal oils extracted from nuts, seeds, vegetables, and sometimes fruit. Typical carrier oils used in aromatherapy are Sweet Almond, Sesame, Sunflower, Safflower, Macadamia Nut or Jojoba.
Sample Recipe for a relaxing blend (for direct application to skin or massage):

2 drops of Lavender
2 drops of Geranium
2 drops of Sandalwood
1 drop of Ylang Ylang
1 drop of Clary Sage

Add to 1/2 oz (15 ml –approximately 1 tablespoon) of Jojoba oil


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