Making the Most of Mineral Makeup: Application Tips to Maximize Your Investment

If you’ve decided to make the switch to mineral makeup then congratulations! You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the difference in the way they make you look and the way it makes your skin feel. Here are some tips I’ve pulled together to help you make the most of your investment.

It all starts with having the right tools and equipment. The right brushes and sponges can make all the difference in how effectively the makeup is applied. And this is especially true for mineral makeup because so much of it is in loose, or loosely pressed powder form. Visit a retail outlet that carries the brand you’re interested in, or carries a reputable brand of mineral makeup, and ask a sales representative what brushes they recommend for use with each product as they do vary. When you’re ready to apply your makeup, follow these steps for the best results:

    1. Start with clean, hydrated skin, and good lighting so you can really see what you’re doing. A magnifying mirror can work wonders, especially if your sight is not 20/20!


    1. After you’ve put on your makeup, apply a quick spritz of mineral water or hydrosol to help it set. This gives you the topical moisture you need to carry that amazing look all the way through the day. Try our Soothe Aromatic Mister Spray.


  1. To properly remove your makeup, apply a thin layer of natural oil like jojoba, coconut, hemp, olive, or sesame directly onto your face and gently remove with a tissue or cotton pad. Repeat until all or most of the makeup has been removed, then lightly cleanse your face to remove any lingering residue.

True mineral makeup lasts so long, you can sometimes forget you’ve got it on. No need to worry if you forget to remove it. Since it doesn’t clog your pores, sleeping with it on will not aggravate your skin.

If you’ve been using mineral make up and have a brand or brands that you like then share here what you’re using and why you like it!

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