The Metal and The Damage Done: Cadmium

Cadmium is the second heavy metal in the Fearsome Four — a growing source of environmental toxicity that should be avoided as much as possible. Found deep below the earth’s surface, it began contaminating the food and water supply when people started mining for zinc, which is often found mixed with cadmium. Since cadmium is naturally drawn to zinc it can elbow zinc out of the body –throwing key biological processes out of whack. Without a proper zinc-to-cadmium ratio, the body becomes more vulnerable to cadmium toxicity. And too much Cadmium can eventually lead to a depressed immune system, kidney damage, and cancer.

To lower your exposure to this metal, don’t eat refined grains (when grains are refined, the outer zinc-rich layers are stripped off and the cadmium-rich kernel is retained). Instead, eat zinc-rich foods like whole grains, beans and nuts.

Avoid inhaling cigarette smoke –either directly or indirectly. One cigarette contains 1 microgram of Cadmium. When smoked, 30% of a cigarette’s Cadmium is absorbed directly into the smoker’s lungs. The rest is released into the air.

Another insidious source of exposure appears to be kids’ jewelry, face paints, and toys so choose these items wisely.

As an added measure of protection against this metal, take a super green supplement that includes zinc, calcium and selenium –all 3 help the body rebuff cadmium deposits.

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