To All the Mothers Out There

In honor of all the mothers out there (including my own) here’s a sweet little video that kind of says it all. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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Giving Thanks All Year Round: What Are You Grateful For?

The pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts are the iconic inspiration for the modern Thanksgiving Day feast. When the winter of 1620 wiped out close to half their colony they formed a relationship with the native Wampanoag Tribe, who taught them about fishing, hunting, and planting. By the beginning of the following fall, the colonists had collected enough food to feed their entire community for the whole winter. Members of the tribe who had taught them how, joined them in a 3-day feast to celebrate their bounty. This event is now thought of as the first Thanksgiving meal.

Later generations of colonists considered Thanksgiving a religious holiday originating from the Puritan days of fasting, praying, and giving thanks to God. The actual timing of early Thanksgiving celebrations varied from colony to colony until 1777 when a group of them got together and agreed to celebrate it on the same day. It wasn’t until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November to be Thanksgiving Day –a national holiday.

By the middle of the 20th century a variety of related traditions emerged –from the Thanksgiving Day football games to the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. The latter event quickly turned this day of reverence into a “kick-off” for the holiday shopping season.
Whether you view Thanksgiving as a religious celebration, a pagan tribute to the bounty of Mother Nature, or the official ringing in of the holiday season, the celebration of Thanksgiving gives us a rare opportunity to take a collective time out –to reconnect with loved ones and remember just how much we have to be thankful for. The joy we feel during this time of sharing and connection is a powerful reminder of the importance of practicing its hallmarks –gratitude and giving– all year.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Experience the Joy of Giving … Join the International Basket Brigade

Gratitude and giving are the two hallmarks of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to give back this holiday season please take a few minutes (about 15) to watch this video of Tony Robbins (this opens in a new tab or window) telling the moving story from his childhood that inspired him to start his International Basket Brigade program which now feeds over 3 million hungry people in 34+ countries on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You can start a local basket brigade of your own, join one in your area, or make a donation to the Anthony Robbins Foundation to help support the program.

Start your holiday season by getting Simply Naked!

Be one of 3 lucky winners of a bottle of our new line of unscented lotions, Simply Naked, in celebration of the product launch!  Simply sign up for the Dropwise ezine “Health & Beauty News” by November 8th to be entered! Winners will be contacted via email. Sign up boxes are on let left of this blog, on the Dropwise home page and on the Dropwise Facebook fan page.

Dropwise Essentials Tells Its Customers to Go Naked for Halloween with the Launch of its New Unscented Organic Hand & Body Lotion

Dropwise Essentials, a green business that makes safe, gentle and effective aromatherapy and organic plant-based personal care products to promote health and wellness, announces the launch of its latest product Simply Naked –-the unscented version of it’s wildly popular nourishing aromatherapy hand and body lotions.

Simply Naked“Until now, Dropwise products have always been about mating the therapeutic benefits of synergistic essential oil blends with the highest quality certified organic base oils, herbs and other natural ingredients to create personal care products that deliver the best of what the plant world has to offer,” says Donya Fahmy, owner and formulator, “Over the years we’ve gotten many requests for an unscented version of our highly moisturizing, antioxidant-rich aromatherapy hand and body lotions so we finally decided to make one. We didn’t want our customers or prospective customers to be deprived of our high-quality plant-based lotion as a result of their need or preference for a moisturizer without added scent.”Dropwise Essentials’ Nourishing Hand & Body Lotions feature a beautiful skin-loving base of certified organic jojoba oil infused with certified organic calendula and chamomile; and certified organic oils of virgin coconut and macadamia nut combined with hydrosols, wild-crafted essential oils, organic aloe vera and organic beeswax, among other natural, minimally processed ingredients. And they boast a highly favorable safety concern rating on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

“All our products have very low safety concern ratings in the Skin Deep cosmetics database –ranging between 0 and 3 (out of 10) and that’s mainly because of their essential oil content,” adds Fahmy. “With the launch of Simply Naked, we’ve left out the essential oils and hydrosols so we are confident this product will have the lowest safety concern rating possible in the moisturizer category.”

In keeping with the company’s commitment to sustainability, the new lotion comes in 4 oz and 8 oz recyclable HDPE plastic bottles. Simply Naked is available directly from and select online retail outlets.

Organic Certification of Body Care: Even Europeans Can’t Agree on a Universal Standard

Several new organic and natural standards have been launched over the last 18 months on both sides of the Atlantic. If anyone following this issue closely has felt frustrated by the lack of consensus on a certified organic standard for personal care products here in the United States, you might be heartened (and surprised) to learn that in Europe the situation is even worse.

Competing standards, lawsuits, and a general lack of cooperation are all exacerbating the problem making it highly unlikely that agreement will be reached on a universal standard any time soon –on either side of the Atlantic.

I recently came across this 5-minute video where interviews Amarjit Sahota, director of Organic Monitor, a specialty research & consulting company that focuses on the global organic and related product industries, on this very issue. He gives what I think is a good summary and commentary on the “certification wars” both here in the U.S. and in Europe. Apparently, as screwed up as things are on this side of the Atlantic, it’s even worse in Europe, which has been generally a lot more progressive on the issue of safety in personal care products and regulating harmful ingredients.

Based on Sahota’s assessment, he doesn’t think that any kind of meaningful consensus will be achieved in the area of organic certification for at least another 5 years. Yikes!

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Project Green Dorm

It’s that time again … you know, when the waning weeks of summer usher in the flurry of Back to School activities. For some of you this process starts in the middle of August, for others it may not become real until after Labor Day weekend. Either way, it represents the start of a new season with its particular rituals and routines.

mistersTo mark the start of fall this year, we are happy to co-sponsor a new Back to School initiative called Project Green Dorm. This is another project of Teens Turning Green, the same non-profit organization we partnered with back in May for Project Green Prom, but now the focus is to inspire high school and college students to green their living spaces, lifestyles, and school supplies. If you’ve got teenagers or college-age kids, visit for more information. You can purchase a College Care Package of green products, which includes our Aromatic Mister room and body spray –all proceeds from the sale of these packages go to support the work of Teens Turning Green.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your kids and share in learning some simple ways you can start greening your lives. If you’re already doing this then share with us here some of the ways you and your kids are greening your living spaces and what it’s like to do this.