60 Minutes That Could Change the Course of Your Baby’s Future for the Better

There’s little doubt that maintaining a healthy pregnancy is one of the keys to birthing healthier happier babies. So what exactly does it mean to have a healthy pregnancy? There are the really obvious things like not smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming drugs (recreational or otherwise) unless it’s medically necessary and under the supervision of your OB or other health care practitioner. Then there’s eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, staying fit, staying properly hydrated, managing your stress levels and emotions, and avoiding exposure to pesticides and dangerous chemicals like the ones commonly found in a lot of household cleaning products.

But what about the hidden health threats from the harmful toxins found in many personal care and beauty products? In my humble opinion, this is a very important subject that not nearly enough people are talking and educating about so unfortunately, a lot of women don’t give it much thought or overlook it altogether. They continue to use products on a regular basis that may be setting themselves and their babies up for all kinds of long-term health issues including, believe it or not, infant obesity! Sadly, even some nicely packaged products for babies and moms that are given as baby shower gifts from friends and family who mean well, contain these ingredients!

The research and evidence are overwhelming for anyone who is willing to take a hard look at what’s going on with the cumulative effects of using products made with these toxic ingredients. It’s not pretty, I can tell you that! Consider these shocking research findings:

The average woman uses 12 personal care products a day, each contains an average of 168 different chemical ingredients. It’s estimated that the average woman is exposed to over 2,000 chemicals daily from personal care products alone.

While there are many conscious consumers out there who “get it” and are doing their part to stay safe and healthy, clearly not enough women, including pregnant women and women who are planning to become pregnant, are getting the message!

That’s why I’m offering a FREE Healthy Pregnancy, Happy Baby training call, where you’ll learn what the top worst toxic ingredients in personal care and beauty products are that you MUST avoid, and why. You’ll also learn how to identify safer, more effective, natural alternatives, including essential oils (Mother Nature’s Rx) to set yourself and your baby up for a long healthy future.

This training is ideal for anyone who is pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or works with pregnant women, but even if you are none of these, you will still gain valuable insight and information to help you improve your health and wellness. Register here now  to join me for the next live call. Register even if you can’t make it to the call live so you can listen to the replay afterwards!

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Dropwise to Host Free Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit May 21st-June 6th 2013

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging since the end of 2012 as I’ve been super busy since the beginning of the year putting together an exciting new virtual event —The Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit: A Celebration of New & Vibrant Life.

Holistic Pregnancy Tele-SummitThis is a ground-breaking FREE tele-seminar series that brings together some of the foremost experts in natural self-care and childbirth to address the #1 fear most pregnant women have and reveal the secrets to delivering healthier, happier babies. This event is FREE for participants and consists of a series of 6 ground-breaking tele-calls (also accessible via the Web) delivered over the span of 3 weeks. I’ll be interviewing some of the foremost experts in natural childbirth to uncover the secrets for delivering healthier and happier babies. I’ll also be giving a presentation myself titled “How to Look and Feel Your Best Without Compromising Your Baby’s Health.”

The purpose of these calls is to help women better understand their childbirth options; teach them how to overcome the stress and fears common to pregnancy; transform their birth experience from one of fear and pain to one of joy and ecstasy; and transition into or embrace a holistic lifestyle prior to childbirth and beyond.

It starts next Tuesday, May 21st and runs through June 6th. If you or someone you know is pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or works with pregnant women then please share this link with them now: http://www.dropwise.info. This is where they can get all the details and register. Registration will remain open though 3PM June 6th (the date of our last call). Participants will have access to audio replays for a limited time after each call –in case they can’t make it to a particular call, but they have to register to get the details.

I’m really excited about this event. I’ve got some great speakers lined up and I’ll be posting more about them and the event in the coming days!

The Curse of Obesogens: How Early Exposures Can Lead to a Lifetime of Weight Problems

It’s no secret that when babies are exposed to harmful substances while in the womb it can have detrimental effects on their health later in life. This was the case with women in the 1950s who were given a drug called DES during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage that was later found to increase their daughters’ risk of developing cervical or vaginal cancer. Scientists are now taking a closer look at what substances may be present in pregnant women that could be impacting the later development of their children and causing them to be fat.

One explanation for the obesity puzzle that’s gaining credence is early-life exposure to traces of certain chemicals and pollutants in the environment –now commonly referred to as endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are so similar to human (and animal) hormones that they can block or disrupt the actions of regular hormones in both.

There is mounting evidence of a strong link between early exposure to some of these endocrine disruptors and the later development of obesity. Apparently these compounds act on genes in the developing fetus and newborn to turn more precursor cells into fat cells, which may pre-dispose babies and young children to becoming and staying fat. They can also alter metabolic rates, so that the body tends to hoard calories rather than burning them.

In one study conducted by Dr. Bruce Blumberg of the University of California, Irvine, pregnant mice were fed a substance called tributyltin –a disinfectant and fungicide used in marine paints and plastics production that enters the food chain through seafood and contaminates our water supply. Their offspring were born with more fat cells and fat already stored, and became 5 to 20 percent fatter by adulthood. The genetic tests revealed that the tributyltin activated a receptor, which acts like a switch, determining whether a cell remains a fibroblast (cells that make up the body’s connective tissue) or becomes an adipocyte (a fat cell).

The ability of these endocrine disruptors to re-program the fate of a cell and convert it to a fat cell is what led to the coining of a new phrase to describe them: Obesogens.

Not all endocrine disrupting substances are obesogens, but the biggest culprits so far are phthalates, bisphenol-A (also referred to as BPA), and some compounds used in stain repellants and non-stick cookware. Additional studies in Spain and Belgium have linked fetal exposure to pesticides and PCBs with childhood obesity.