Post-Partum Blues: Managing the Transition to Motherhood

Today marks the start of WEEK 2 of The Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit. Our speaker and resident expert for our 3rd call in the series is Dr. Diana Hoppe, distinguished OB/GYN, clinical researcher and author of “Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Life.”  

Our topic for tonight is “Post-Partum Blues: Managing the Transition to Motherhood.” Pregnancy brings with it a lot of physical changes and emotional challenges, especially post partum. If it’s your first time, there’s also the added anxiety that comes with the shifting roles you and your partner may experience in anticipation of becoming parents. This can put a strain on your relationship with your spouse or significant other, challenge your ability to communicate clearly and support each other in this transition.  In this session you will learn how to enhance intimacy while dealing with physical limitations during pregnancy and post-partum, and how to maintain healthy communication to ensure you have the emotional support you need during this journey and beyond.

What we’ll be talking about:

  • The physical and emotional changes to expect immediately after giving birth

  • What post-partum depression is, what causes it and how it typically manifests

  • Natural ways to improve symptoms and deal with communication and intimacy issues with your partner

  • How to know if and when it’s time to seek treatment and what are the best options

We’re going LIVE at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern. There’s still time to register and get onto this call. If this subject interests you then please register now. Even if you can’t make it to tonight’s call you can still access the audio replay up until midnight pacific time on Thursday, May 30th.

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