Orgasmic Birth: Can it Really Be This Good?

The Final Week of The Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit has begun and we’ve saved the best for last! I’m excited and honored to be interviewing our expert Debra Pascali-Bonaro for tomorrow’s eye-opening call: Orgasmic Birth: Can it Really Be This Good?

Debra is one of the founding mothers of the “doula” movement. She has been a doula for over 25 years, and has trained thousands of doulas and birth professionals around the world in the practices of gentle birth support. After attending more than 400 births over more than two decades, she believes most births can occur with less technology and interference and that childbirth is a process to be enjoyed and cherished.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro is the creator and director of Orgasmic Birth: Nature’s Best Kept Secret, a documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth –an everyday miracle– and the ways in which our current system of care during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period disrupts the normal rhythms of birth and causes a myriad of other problems.  Debra is also the co-author of the book “Orgasmic Birth, Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth Experience” which goes beyond the film and turns the information into a helpful guide.

Debra’s work has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, The NBC Today Show, Discovery Health, in The New York Times, The LA Times, The UK Times ands numerous parenting and health magazines.

We’ll be talking about:

  • Why having a joyful, ecstatic birth is so important to you and your baby’s long term health and wellbeing


  • The relationship between sexuality and birth, how orgasm can transform your birth experience and why societal taboos around feminine sexuality keep a lot of women from having this experience


  • How to consciously create a birth environment conducive to having a joyful birth no matter where you choose to have it


  • Having a natural vaginal birth after having a C-section in a prior birth (VBAC) and how to have an orgasmic birth experience after having had less than satisfying prior birth experiences


We’re going LIVE at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern. Don’t miss this very important call!

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